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Public Comment Summary

On Nov. 15, 2023, the study team hosted its first public meeting to get input from the public on the Purpose & Need (or the reason for improvements) and on various factors to be considered in the study, including the reconstruction of I-25 and nonmotorized transportation options.

Following the public meeting, the study team reviewed, documented, and summarized all public comments received during the open comment period, which concluded on Dec. 17, 2023. Below is a comprehensive summary of all comments received, reflecting the diverse perspectives and insights contributed by stakeholders and community members.

To request the comment summary information or the full report in Spanish, please email or call the hotline at 505-600-2232.

4582_S-Curve_Vis_Flyer_Summary jan 2024_web.jpg
4582_S-Curve_Vis_Flyer_Summary jan 2024_web.jpg

To see a full report of the outreach, public meeting, and the comments received in the first comment period, click here.


Click here for the appendix.

The study team is always accepting and interested in public input. Please email any additional comments to or call the hotline at 505-600-2232.

Public Meeting Materials

To review materials shared at the first public meeting, please click on the buttons below.

Online self-guided public meeting (English)

Online self-guided public meeting (Spanish)

for a Recording of the Presentation

for the Presentation Slides in  English

for the Presentation Slides in  Spanish

for the live Q&A recording

Survey Packet in English

Survey Packet in Spanish

Information boards at the public meeting

Take-home Flyer with Public Comment Information

Reach out to the study team at 505-600-2232 or with any questions or assistance.

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